School of Business
AU Chapter of the American Marketing Association

The Students of Marketing at AU (SOMA) are affiliated with the professional chapter of the American Marketing Associatio (AMA). SOMA-AMA serves as one of the most active and largest student organizations within the School of Business as students each year work to develop a chapter plan, and annual report including fundraising, community service and professional development opportunities.

Students of all majors join this organization to learn how to market their talents and passions while learning about the industry from professionals in the field. Advised by AU's Professor of Marketing, Dr. Amy Rummel, the students improve their leadership skills while preparing for the annual International Collegiate Conference each year in New Orleans, LA.

In recent years, SOMA-AMA has earned the following awards at the conference in New Orleans:

  • Award for Professional Development, 2009
  • Award for Community Service, 2009
  • Most Revitalized Chapter, 2008
  • Hugh G. Wales Faculty Member of the Year, 2008

In 2010 SOMA-AMA will compete for awards in a SABRE Business Simulation, Individual Sales Competitions, Community Service, Professional Development, Membership, Interactive Booth Competition, T-shirt Competition, Annual Report and Chapter Plan Competitions.

"SOMA-AMA is accomplishing each of our business and marketing goals we set this year. Now, more than ever, our chapter feels more prepared to compete in New Orleans and really prove our talents to the rest of the nation. Our members are diverse, educated, an overall talented group that will serve as strong competitors this April." -Jessica Marble '11, President

2013-2014 activities

  • Designed “open house” events for prospect students
  • Worked with the Confucius Institute creating advertising materials
  • Promoted and organized the 2nd annual “Family Dinner” (right before Winter break) for all business students
  • Designed and opened the “Olin Cafe” The first coffee shop in the business school!
  • Conducted market research for the local YMCA to aid in their strategic planning process
  • Developed 12 new programs with design materials for the YMCA

Words from Faculty Advisor
"SOMA-AMA is one of the most active student organizations on this campus. We live and breath marketing."

-Dr. Amy Rummel, Professor of Marketing