School of Business
Overview of Opportunities

The Alfred University School of Business is dedicated to providing business education to our students that is based on “theory to practice”; in other words both the academic theories and foundations of essential business skills/knowledge, AND the opportunities to practice them. This is done in several ways: students do simulations in the classroom; case studies in the classroom; actual interaction with businesspeople in the field and in seminars, as well as networking occasions and internships; “consulting” type projects for ‘clients’; visits to venues such as the NY Stock Exchange and businesses in Europe and Asia.

In addition, a wide variety of speakers and lecture series are offered continually, ranging from instruction on how to do presentations effectively to sustainable business practices. Alfred business students are also encouraged and supported in national and regional competitions in marketing and finance, operating student-run businesses such as international restaurants/cafes and clothing stores, etc. 

Faculty work closely with students to make sure that every class, every semester in AUBiz provides students with superior education and experiences so that their employment opportunities and career paths after graduation are maximized.