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Zong Dai
DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

MBA (Master of Business Administration)
University of Saskatchewan

Graduate Diploma in Economics
Anhui University

Faculty Service

Editor (Editor-in-Chief), Journal of Management Science, ISSN: 1933-2424 (Online), ISSN: 1933-2416 (Print)

Editorial Board member, International Journal of Electronic Trade, ISSN: 1742-7533 (Online), ISSN: 1742-7525 (Print)

President of the East Asia region, International Society for Competitiveness (ISC)


Honors and Awards

Highly Commended Award Winner 2013

An article entitled "Toward a learning-based view of innovation" published in "Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal" has been chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013. The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or practitioners.

Post-Doctoral Education

Further graduate studies in Information Systems, successfully completed the graduate courses of Information Technology Hardware/Software, Telecommunications Technology & Management, Advanced Network Technology, Project & Change Management, Dakota State University, 2000.

Management Accounting & Accounting Information Systems (using SAP), SAP University Alliances 2008 Faculty Workshops at California State University, Chico, California, USA, August 2008.

Accounting Information Systems (using SAP), SAP University Alliances 2007 Faculty Workshops at California State University, Chico, California, USA, August 2007.

Supply Chain Management (using SAP), SAP University Alliances 2007 Faculty Workshops at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, July 2007.

Business Process Integration (using SAP), SAP University Alliances 2006 Faculty Workshops at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Toronto, Canada, July 2006.

E-Business Technology, IBM 2002 Summer Scholars Program, IBM Rochester, Minnesota, USA.


Classes Taught

MBA courses: Critical Thinking and Problem Framing, Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Accounting Information Systems, Investment Management, Quality Management, and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP, using SAP).

Undergraduate courses: Critical Thinking, Computer Applications for Business, Management Information Systems, Computer Programming, Java, Visual Basic, Database Management, Systems Analysis & Design, Advanced MIS Seminars, Business Startups, Money and Banking, Business Financial Decisions, Investment Management, International Business, International Financial Management, Business Policy.

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) and Testimonials: Some Citations

"Classes are always captivating." "Explains topics thoroughly." "He would always ask us questions relating to the topic and it was a more effective way to learn." "Best - each class students engaged in discussions." "Team work - increased team building, communication skills." "Lecture style - used power points and notes on board so easy to understand." "Connection to real life and current events." "He is very enthusiastic in teaching and rewards critical thinking, I enjoy his class." "Prof. Dai is a wonderful professor and I really enjoyed his class." "Professor Dai is one of the nicest and most enthusiastic professors I have had." Cited from Fall 2013 and Spring 2016 Courses SET: Business Policy.

"Best - I liked the lectures, they are very interactive." "Best - related outside of class material and engaged the class." "Best - presentation style, term project." "Best - class participation (lots)." "Best - all around great class, love the final project." "Way it was setup, having to do discussion questions and mini cases, the stars!!!" "I like Professor Zong, he knows a lot about the material. I like the way he uses power points." "Best - very nice man, presents material well." "Best class in MBA." "10 gold stars." "Thanks Dr. Dai." Cited from Spring 2015 and Spring 2016 Courses SET: Strategic Management (MBA Course).

"I've definitely learned a lot about critical thinking in this class. I liked the 'critical thinking sessions' that brought in real-world theories and ideas." "I learned a lot about different research processes and identifying the types of methods I use in my own thought processes." "I thus greatly expand my knowledge and how I look at things." "It was very interesting and learned more in depth research ideas that will help with my major." "I am able to apply the scientific method to more situations." "This seminar has helped me with research papers and different/better ways to gather & sort data." Cited from Fall 2013 Courses SET: University Honors Program Seminar-Critical Thinking.

"Great professor, great class. Keep it in the curriculum, it is a great addition." "Very informative, excellent class." "I like how he relates it to current events." "Love the critical thinking cases." "Zong Dai is a huge asset to Alfred University, a teacher who cares about the success of his students. Zong Dai not only teaches but he also invests in improving himself to teach better and understand his students, overall amazing. I love him!" Cited from Spring 2013 Courses SET: Critical Thinking and Problem Framing (MBA course).

"An amazing semester with a terrific teacher such as Zong Dai, AU Business School amazing asset." "Very informative. Great class!!" "Very good at encouraging students to participate in discussion. Knows a lot about the subject and relates it well to current events." "Good professor." "Great professor and great command of the subject. I’ve finally been able to understand the basics of investment!" Cited from Spring 2013 Courses SET: Investment Management (MBA course).

"I like how the class is run. The material is taught well. There was nothing I did not like. Good job!" "Best - I liked the topic discussed in this class and team presentations. Least - nothing" "I liked the enthusiasm of the professor, the amount of clarification anytime material was unclear." "I liked how we could always take time to review what we went over the previous class. It really helps me grasp the material." "I love the course. I love how the group homework helps with public speaking. What could be done better is a better explanation of the final project." Cited from Spring 2013 Courses SET: Investment Management.

"He focused on making us use our brains to think critically. It was not just about memorizing and regurgitating information." "I like how we were able to research whatever we wanted." "Best - the class was interesting to learn and I could use it in the future." "Zong is nice, honest, and real about challenges many of us face upon leaving Alfred…" "I like the way he encourages participation and rewards input. He presents material analytically and in a way that can be understood." "Very well taught, encourages class participation." "Great professor, great class." "I love him." "Boo I’ll miss you." "Good interaction." "Professor is knowledgeable about subject matter, encourages student participation." "Best - the high levels of participation encouraged by Zong." "Best - I like the professor encourages class participation and interaction." "Group presentations - they helped me learn the material in an analytical way." "Liked the group presentations, helped me with my public speaking skills." Cited from Fall 2012 Courses SET: Business Policy, International Business, and Accounting Information Systems (MBA course).

"Fun atmosphere, great learning experience, excellent teacher!" "Best teacher ever!" "You rock." "Gold star!" "Best-course was interesting and exciting." "Least - wish could have been full year course." "I can tell that you have put a lot of effort into continuous improvement and appreciate the changes you have made." "Good class, good professor." "I like that this class is for the people, by the people." "Great professor!" "Love you!" "I love him." Cited from Spring 2012 MBA Courses SET: Quality Management, Investment Management.

"The best...the bees knees." "Professor is well organized, 'stars' is a good way to promote participation. Everyone loves a little competition." "Best - the class engagement and his ability to break down the subject." Cited from Fall 2011 Course SET: Accounting Information Systems (MBA course).

"I liked how knowledgeable he was about the subject." "I liked how he cared about the students. He is a funny guy and I liked to see him each morning." "He is an awesome professor, you can tell he really enjoys the students and loves seeing us learn and excel." "Best--teacher personally." "Great teacher - Big Star." "He is very knowledgeable about Money & Banking as well as being very accessible to students who need extra help. I have nothing to say negative." "I liked how the material was presented on power point and how we went over all the homework from the book." "Always uses good examples in class." "Best - answers emails fast and is able to joke around with the class while still keeping it professional." "This course was very informative about what influences the economy, I liked everything." "Has a lot of respect towards the class and students. He relates the course with everyday current events." Cited from Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009 and Spring 2011 Course SET: Money and Banking.

"I liked the way he taught the class." "Liked the course structure." "Best - teacher knows what he is talking about." "Least - everything is the best!" "Loved the class." "Everything went very well." "I enjoyed the subject and teacher very much." "He (Dr. Dai) has good teaching methods and uses the textbooks to the best advantage." "I liked the pace of the class." "The style is very comfortable." "We can get stars for participation, ask questions when we have them." "Best - encourages participation in class." "Case studies gave real relevant information and allowed students to do group work. They also contributed to presentation/power point skills." Cited from Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010 and Spring 2011 Course SET: Business Financial Decisions.

"He had very broad knowledge of course work." "He is a good guy and a blast to have in class. I wish Alfred had more teachers like him." "More Zong Dai, Gold Star General!" "Zong Dai knows and presents the material very well. He tries and gets class involvement." "I realy liked the class, coming to it." "I liked the fact that he encourages all students to participate. I have no complaints about the class." "Best - Course structure." "What I liked best about the class is that we went over the problems and if I didn’t know how to do them he showed us how to." "A very engaging professor, knows how to get students involved." "I enjoyed learning about how the rest of the world connects to US businesses." "Very passionate and enjoyable to learn from." "I like how organized the class material is." "Loved the class and thought it was helpful towards my finance degree." "Best - good class structure." "Give more guidance on the term project. It felt like there wasn’t enough instruction and direction on it." "Love the star system though I don’t know why so many students mock it." "I liked the group work." "I enjoyed the hands on experience that I got in the class. There aren’t many things I did not like about this class." "Don’t change a thing." "No complaints." "Best - his sweater." Cited from Fall 2007, Fall 2009, Spring 2011 and Spring 2016 Course SET: International Financial Management.

"The best thing about this class is the teacher." "He is very respectful and caring, funny. I like how he teaches." "Zong is a very efficient teacher." "I liked the course." "He gives us the work that’s necessary and gets right to the point." "I liked the lab part of this class more than the lecture part. Working and learning on the computers were exciting." Cited from Fall 2005 Course SET: Computer Applications for Business.

"I found that this instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful in every way." "This is a great class. Great teacher." "I enjoyed learning about business structure and broadening my knowledge of MIS." "I like that Dr. Dai assists me greatly. He answers many questions." "I liked how organized the class was. I learned a lot from this course. What I didn’t like was the amount of work, but it’s all good." "Best - I like the presentation, peer evals, easy to understand." "Best - he knews a lot about the topics and if a question is asked outside the topic he relates it to what we are talking about and explains it clearly." "Class was smooth, clear and insightful." "I love learning about MIS because it’s great up & coming field." "Best - the course had a solid structure of a lecture day and a group project day." "I thought his humor and use of student involvemnet makes thoes willing to learn the course a lot better." "I liked the way he kept class interactive." "Very good professor, the use of stars to generate participation is a great idea." Cited from Spring & Fall 2006, Spring 2008 and Spring 2009 Course SET: Management Information Systems.

"Best - I enjoyed the teaching curriculum and the structure of the class." "I have had Prof. Dai for 3 previous courses and he is very consistent. He is very willing to help students understand the course materials." "Best - the course organization was excellent." Cited from Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 Course SET: Computer Programming-Java.

"Very excellent professor." "What I like best about this class is that the teacher is patient, he lets us keep trying until we get it right, he will keep repeating." "I really enjoyed the teacher. He is a very nice and understanding professor." Cited from Spring 2005 Course SET: Database Management Systems.

"Instructor has authoritative knowledge of a very wide array of MIS, Business, and Computer Science fields, which is important for the broad coverage of the Systems Analysis and Design course." "I really enjoyed the class. I was able to understand what he was teaching and the topics were interesting. By taking the other Database class first I was better able to understand while I don’t think other people who did not take the class were lost." "Very organized class. Participation is good." "I really disliked nothing about the course." "Come prepared to class, welcome questions, very encouraging." Cited from Fall 2003 Course SET: Systems Analysis and Design.


Teaching Interests

Competition in business intensifies with each passing day. There is a strong consensus that integrity, critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, and a broad skill set are essential for taking on complex challenges in a fast-moving knowledge economy.

It is clear that the learning needs and preferences of students rapidly evolve, and learning in the classroom should be beyond the delivery of the pre-digested knowledge of a field.

In all of my courses, I strive to foster student intellectual engagement, nurture students’ attributes of skepticism, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, learning agility, and develop genuine learning outcomes. I encourage them to integrate knowledge, work on real-world business problems, and present or publish their experiential or research projects. They thereby experience the pure joy of discovery. My ultimate goal is to train students to be tough-minded and winning business leaders in the competitive business world.

I love to learn and teach. This passion motivates and energizes every aspect of my role as a faculty member. Along the way I strive to agilely acquire new skills, learn from experience and mistakes, advance myself professionally and effectively fill multiple roles in the community of learning. I feel validated if I can claim some credits for successfully transforming students.

Current Research

Current Research Interests:

Business incubation and acceleration, entrepreneurial finance, international entrepreneurship, technology management and innovation, IT-enabled business strategies.

Selected Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Proceedings Published since 2005:

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