School of Business
Marketing Minor

Students who are interested in marketing have the opportunity to not only major but minor in the field. The program consists of 19 credit hours (6 courses) that include courses in statistics, economics, art and of course marketing.

The core courses include:

  • BUSI 113 - Business Statistics*
  • ECON 201 - Principles of Microeconomics*
  • MKTG 221 - Marketing Principles and Management
  • MKTG 479 - Consumer Behavior - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)

Plus six credit hours among the the following courses:

  • MKTG 310 - Graphic Design
  • MKTG 452 - Marketing Research - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)
  • MKTG 453 - Marketing Practicum
  • MKTG 400 - Seminar in Marketing - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)
  • MKTG 482 - Sales Management - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)
  • MKTG 486 - Promotion Strategy - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)
  • MKTG 489 - International Marketing - (Prerequisite: MKTG 221)
  • MKTG 499 - Strategic Marketing Management

*Courses are required as part of the 'Professional Core' for School of Business students. This reduces the minor credit load to 12 credit hours (4 courses) for COB students.

Students must complete at least half the course work at Alfred University and achieve a grade point average of at least 2.0 "C" in courses Submitted for completion of the minor.

Are you a current student and ready to declare your minor? Fill out the minor declaration form and consult with your advisor.

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