School of Business
Arts Management Minor

The arts management minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to the business of art and management of arts organizations. Students will have the opportunity to learn and explore the theoretical content and practical skills that engage arts professionals managing individual businesses, serving community arts organizations, and managing not-for-profit arts organizations in the visual, performing, and literary arts. The arts management curriculum provides a combination of historical, theoretical, and practical learning experiences in the arts and business including an internship focusing on arts management. This minor is open to all AU students.

Students completing the Arts Management minor at Alfred must complete at least 50% of the course work for the minor at Alfred. A grade point average of at least "C" must be attained overall for courses to be counted for the minor.

Sophomore standing required.

Students are required to complete an internship in the arts management field which is approved by the Arts Management Minor advisor to bear credit.

Students who are not majoring or minoring in an arts field must take a minimum of three (3) Arts Content courses totaling 8-12 credits. Of these three courses, one course from Section A: Art History and Theory and one course from Section B: Applied Art & Studio Skills must completed, while the third course can be from either section. This is a joint minor across the College of Professional Studies, School of Art & Design, and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Business Courses (17 credits)

The core business courses include:

  • MKTG 221 Marketing Principles and Management
  • ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ACCT 211 Financial Accounting
  • BUSI 485 Internship specific to Arts Management totaling two to four (2-4) credit hours

Plus one of the following business courses:

  • BUSI 301 Family Business Management
  • BUSI 439 Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

Arts Courses (8-12 credits)

To complete the minor, students must take three (3) courses in the arts field. Of these three courses, a course from both Section A and B must be completed.

Section A

  • ARTH 100 level and above Art History
  • DANC 311 Dance History
  • ENGL 327 Survey of American Literature
  • ENGL 325/326 Survey of British Literature
  • ENGL 200+ Literature Course
  • IART 460 Interdisciplinary Art Seminar
  • MUSC 110 Music Appreciation
  • MUSC 211 World Music
  • PHIL 283 Philosophy of the Arts
  • PHIL 300 Topics in Philosophy (consult with minor advisor, approval pending topic)
  • THEA 110 Introduction to Theatre
  • THEA 210 The Performing Arts: Global Perspectives
  • THEA 311 Theatre History
  • THEA 200, 300, 400 (consult with minor advisor, approval pending topic)

Section B

  • ART 111 Begining to Drawing
  • ART 121 Beginning Sculpture
  • ART 133 Begining Black and White Photography
  • ART 151 Begining to Ceramics
  • ART 288 Visual Communication
  • ART 389 Exhibition Design (Art and Design and Interdisciplinary Art Students)
  • DANC 100 level or above
  • ENGL 200 Special Topics in Writing
  • ENGL 202 Fiction Workshop
  • ENGL 204 The Art of the Personal Essay
  • ENGL 205 Playwriting
  • ENGL 206 Poetry Workshop
  • ENGL 328 The Language of Literary Art
  • ENGL 460 Special Topics: Writing
  • ENGL 472 Dramatis Personae
  • ENGL 473 Auto/Biographical Acts: Studies in Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL 474 Writing the Short Story
  • ENGL 475 Writing Formal Poetry
  • ENGL 476 Writing the Long Poem
  • IART 100 level and above : Interdisciplinary Art
  • THEA 120 Technical Theatre
  • THEA 220 Principles of Theatrical and Performance Design
  • THEA 230 Stage Management Fundamentals
  • THEA 240 Acting I
  • THEA 270 Play Production
  • THEA 200, 300, 400 (consult with minor advisor, approval pending topic)

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