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Marketing - Major

Professional focusAlfred University Business School Students
The marketing major focuses on preparing students for a successful marketing career.

Outside of the core business and liberal arts core classes, the major has a set of core courses that every marketing student must take including:

  • MKTG 452 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 479 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 486 Promotion Strategy
  • MKTG 499 Strategic Marketing Management
  • MKTG 310 Graphic Design

Plus one of the following courses:

  • MKTG 453 Marketing Practicum
  • MKTG 482 Sales Management
  • MKTG 460 Seminar in Marketing
  • MKTG 489 International Marketing

The success of every product or service, from retailing to the nonprofit sector, depends on an in-depth knowledge of the marketing process. Through our mix of classroom work and hands-on experiences, students learn the ins and outs of market research, consumer behavior, e-commerce, new product planning, international marketing, advertising management, sales, and pricing strategies.

Top 10 things to expect in the Marketing major

1. Invent and create a product
2. Use your marketing skills to help a community organization improve
3. Create/Design a logo of your own
4. Laugh. Have fun. Laugh some more. Love your classes
5. Participate and run a real-life focus group
6. Travel nationally and/or internationally to experience marketing in the real world
7. Network with visiting professionals in the marketing field on campus
8. Learn market research technology used in market research firms across the world
9. Take classes that include competitive and fun semester-long group projects
10. Experience marketing as a part of life, not just a class or major

Exceptional environment - Both inside and outside the classroom, the School of Business provides an enriched learning experience.

Professional Affiliations Strengthen Academics

Students within the Marketing major have the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the marketing field through activities within the American Marketing Association. This professionally accredited student organization provides leadership, and networking opportunities while also linking to the national professional chapter post graduation.

  • Use the latest software.
  • Attend professional meetings.
  • Meet with marketing professionals.
  • Take advantage of leadership opportunities.
  • Participate in study tours.
  • Work with clients.

Marketing + Art
The School of Business recognizes the importance of design in the professional practice of marketing and for that reason marketing majors have the opportunity to take a course in graphic design taught by the graphic designer for Alfred University.

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Have an interest in marketing but not for a major? Make it your minor!